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Read our Article - December 21st, 2012 : is the world really going to end?

So some people believe that the world is going to end on the 21st of December 2012. Do I ? No, I don't but I do believe that the world will end someday but I think it will be because of pollution, natural catastrophes or maybe the Sun will explode ! If we keep taking our planet's ressources for granted the world might end sooner than we think. One day, when the world actually ends, i don't think it will be because the Mayan calendar ends. I mean when was that thing made ? How could they predict that the world was going to end way back then ? I mean there's nothing wrong with people who believe the world is going to end but didn't they also believe that the end of the world was going to to be in 1998 ? And they even made a movie called « 1998 ».

If I was 100% sure that the world was going to end in 22 days, there probably wouldn't be enough time to do everything I want to do before I die. I want to go to Hawaii and swim with the dolphins, go to Antarctica and see the penguins, I want to travel around the world, fly in a helicopter but most of all if i knew the world was going to end I would want to spend my last 22 days with my family.

To prepare myself, I would buy lost of food and water in case we couldn't leave the house or something and I would make sure my whole family was safe. Would I survive ? Definitely !! And if there were other suvivors we would have to find food, water and a place to sleep. I would try to get the Internet or the phones working so that we could try to contact other survivors. Then I would start rebuilding houses.

I've seen the movie « 2012 » and i really enjoyed it but it definitely didn't seem realistic and it didn't scare me. Hopefully, by the time the world ends i will be dead or maybe we will find a new planet to live on.

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