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Our planet Earth is in danger! Look at our poster and read our articles.

Let's save our planet!

Life as we know it. By Indigo.

Our planet is in pretty bad shape and it's getting worse and worse everyday. The world is too polluted and we're the ones doing it. I don't think anyone intended on polluting the planet when they created cars, factories, electricity, etc. People are trying to stop the pollution or at least to pollute less, they found a way to transform sunlight into electricity with solar pannels, transform wind into electricity with wind turbines, electric cars, etc. Maybe people should start using public transports more often, ride bikes, rollerskate. We should try to make solar energy our number one source of energy and stop using nuclear energy because it produces waste that is not biodegradable. We should start using electric cars and stop depending on petrol. If we don't change our ways I think our planet will become a waste land like in the movie Wall-E, maybe we'll be forced to move to another planet in the solar system because our planet will be uninhabitable or perhaps the world will be infested with bugs. Even though the world didn't end on the 21st of December 2012, that doesn't mean the world will never end. Everything that is born must die eventually, the Earth is getting old and nothing can live forever. If we find a way to stop the pollution, I think Earth would be a much nicer place to live, but it seems a bit to perfect because not everybody will agree, a lot of people will disagree because lots of these changes will cost money and not everybody can afford it. Some people don't care about the environment they think that by the time the world ends they will be dead. I think stopping the pollution would be the brightest future but it will cost lots and lots of money but in the long run it will be worth it ! The problem is when and where to start? When will it be to late to reverse the dammage? What about you, do you think our planet is in bad shape? Should we stop the pollution or just keep polluting no matter the consequences?

Our planet is in danger.By India.

Our planet is in bad shape the pollution is really bad, and getting worse, the pollution is down to us (cars, garbage ect...) Plant trees, fruits or vegetables if you can. Plants can help you produce oxygen and in return absorbs carbon dioxide in the air. “Always think and apply the 3 R’s. Reduce, reuse and recycle” materials and things that can be reduce, possibly reuse and recycle for other purposes such as newspapers. Save and conserve energy by turning off your lights when you are not using it or you leave the room, unplug your appliances and more. If not needed and you own a car, do not use it, instead try to use public vehicles such as train, bus, the subway, jeep etc, since more people use them and less fossil fuels are being released in the air or you can just walk as much as possible if it’s only a short distance or ride a bike or your destination is within 5 to 10 miles. These will help you exercised as well as it is good for the environment. Help groups or start to speak out to your family, friends, or neighbors all that you know to be able to have them understand the seriousness of the situation. Discuss with them what you can do to stop polluting your environment. Do whatever you can do to get it out and for the world to know. Avoid using plastics because it is one of the poisons of earth like disposable plastic cups, plastic bags, and other plastic items you do not need. Water conservation is essential to the stoppage of pollution. You can also designate your own compost in your yard for healthy life. Too many people don't use bins, they are there for a reason: to stop people polluting, so why do people still not use them? Also everyone should recycle, electric cars are also good but very expencive that's why not ,any people have them. To help the pollution we can use public transports more often or we can even rollerskate or ride a bike, using public transports helps because there wouldn't be as many other cars wich would help the pollution.There are vehicles zooming and emitting smokes outside and those simple things we do in our day to day activities that we are unaware that much damage are contributed to our planet. Those are very simple things that are causing our world with so much pain. Factories are also down to pollution, they waste products that come from making different materials are emitted into the air and in the water. Factories can pollute the environment through thermal pollution, chemical pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, for a few examples. Thermal pollution is when hot water is dumped into cool water in a river, lake, pond or bay. The difference in temperatures can promote algae growth, kill of native fish or wildlife, or it might cause disruptions in the water that causes the water to change temperature, also causing major problems with wildlife.

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VASILIQI 23/05/2015 18:18